Monday, 31 May 2010

365 Project - May 2010

I've been quiet due to a variety of reasons but mainly the fact that my Nikon D40x has failed me :-( The replacement lens I bought is very hard work and the 55-200 lens I really don't like using and would never buy one of those ever again!

I am really disappointed this month as I have a mere 7 photos to show for May 2010 :-( I have therefore decided I will catch up these days and continue into January 2011. I will not be beat :-)

Well the good news is that, thanks to my husband Leigh, I'm back in the saddle and armed with my new weapon of choice, a Canon EOS 500d :-)

plus this:

I'm very happy with my new toys so far and can't wait to get stuck into using them :-) Watch this space...

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