Monday, 5 April 2010

Practical Photography - Mod 2

I have just completed Module 2 of the Practical Photography online course. There were 2 parts: Basic and Advanced. 
Here are my efforts:
Module 2: Basic - Still life

Module 2: Advanced -


  1. Wow Mel, I'm really impressed with these, not just that they are good photos in and of themselves but that you have the imagination to then manipulate the bean cans to create an 'orginal' art work of them.

    I really love both. The simplicity of the cutlery is just so good, I'd aspire to take something like this but I fear I would put too much in it!
    They're great!

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  2. Thank you Linda :-) I am thrilled that you like them and really appreciate you dropping by and commenting.

    I reckon you should have a go too some day, I'm sure you would be brilliant :-)