Thursday, 1 April 2010

365 Project - April 2010

Another month and it's still as challenging as ever. I don't particularly find the photo taking the challenge, it's the editing/uploading that takes the time :-) Still enjoying it though and learning so much :-)


  1. Hi Mel
    I am very impressed with the photos you are taking and to the uploading a photo a day as part of the challenge. If you manage to keep this up for 365 days with the time it takes to manipulate and upload photos - well I hope a big beautiful maybe 'bag shaped' reward is on offer :-)
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  2. Hee Hee thanks Linda :-)

    I love doing the challenge but sometimes it can be so difficult which explains my recent dip :-( but saying that I am back in the running now and plan to catch up on the days I've missed to make up the 365 pics.

    Thanks for your comment and yes a nice new bag will definitely be on the cards as a great reward:-)